Bora Hong is a Berlin based designer who creates objects, installations and interior designs based on cultural research. Hong studied BA Product design at the Central Saint Martins in London and completed her Masters degree in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013. Her work draws inspiration from various social and personal issues such as cosmetic surgery, the idea of beauty and body perception. Hong's "Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom" exhibited a humble mass produced wooden chair undergoes cosmetic surgery, in order to become an Eames’ and questions the meaning of cosmetic surgery - how modifying an individual’s body also transforms their originality and freedom.Bora attempts to comment and criticise contemporary design culture by exploring these themes. Her projects have been exhibited worldwide___Such as MUDACLausanne , Vanabbemuseum in the Netherlands, Shanghai art and design 2016, Trans Design in China, London Design Festival andMillan Design Week.