Even in the midst of the clamour we always find the time and space to fantasise and dream, almost as if we are obliged to do it. as if we have to.


There is an intrinsic reason to it.

Our consciousness needs something to work with. What we perceive as just a reverie is an actual form of energy, occurring not only in our own consciousness but in the one collective consciousness as well. The immensity of the consciousness seems to be imperceptible to our minds as our brains limit it to fit our human life (mystery on its own) cognition here on Earth.And then in times when our fantasies come to life we feel overwhelmed; forgetting the fact that our life is just a consequence of our fantasy-driven choices, we reconsider our powers mainly when what seems to be implausible and improbable manifests in the physical realm.

So what is the energy that propels physical manifestations? Fervent dreamers who made an impact have been saying throughout all ages:

"follow your dreams" - "never give up" - "believe in yourself" 

They all knew that fantasy is not enough - persistence is the essential energy, the movement that keeps it living; no movement - no life. Then comes belief in the not existing, just like the placebo effect - innocent belief manifests complete imagination. We all find comfort as we envisage heaven on Earth.

But by the time our species will come together and unite in order to manifest inevitable harmonious fantasies, for the Oneness that we are - we encourage YOU to  make your own stamp.

here & now.

Fantasise, persevere, believe.