Itay Ohaly – Orchestra


Work on the 'Orchestra' series of lamps started with a reference for two different projects, the 'Lamp ON Canvas' and 'Lamp NO Canvas' projects.  Orchestra is an attempt to create music with terms taken from the world of design.

The 'Lamp ON Canvas,’ examined the importance of the 'making of' presentation with the creation of a canvas painting document, describing the process that comes out of the lamp production process. The 'Lamp NO Canvas' was an exact reproduction of the 'Lamp ON Canvas,’ creating a product that can be manufactured on a large scale industrial process. The 'Orchestra' is linked in forms and materials and examines issues of rhythm within the combined orbit dynamic / core stable composition of the lamps, between them and themselves. Rhythms of shapes, colors and positions are visible across. 

Technically, the Lamp is composed of a wooden inclined box solid base, a switch disk mechanism made of corian, a free-flow shaped fabric coated electricity wire and straight formed poles holding a bulb made of brass or stainless steel. These shapes and volumes create an orbit dynamic, core stable composition.

The will to use postmodern ideas which the later 'Memphis' and earlier 'Archigram' groups created a different approach by using shapes, textures and materials that create deep and complex patterns, comes as a contradiction to the virtual-digital world in which we are all absorbed. While the only connection with the outside world is through two-dimensional, flat and senseless devices. The created status gives designers the impetus to inject the soul and warmth back into the world of design and creates combinations of materials and compositions derived from a more complex, human world of textures.

In 'Orchestra,’ the application of these principals is expressed by using identical shapes created with different materials and textures. The different relative positioning of the designed lighting structures in the architectural space, creates different perspectives to the naked eye, a sense of dynamic feeling that creates a varying rhythmic, random pattern from different viewpoints. The application techniques bear more resemblance to the three-dimensional objects with graphics by 'Archigram', rather than the colored, two-dimensional, abstract graphics by 'Memphis'.    

The Rhythm Significance becomes a reality when the orbit dynamic/core stable composition within the lighting object creates a unique tempo, using lighter/structural materials, which lift the composition up, heavier/mass materials, which ground the composition, different types of connectivity and relations between different shapes, reflections of lights on various textured surfaces, substances and colors. The amount of versatility with shapes, materials, color and positioning in the same designed object itself, creates a very dynamic rhythmic composition and the addition of light to it is a great enhancer of the phenomenon.  

By switching shape, material, color, composition or lighting fixture qualities, everyone can make their own rhythm, created by a lighting object or the light that it spreads. 


Itay Ohaly – Orchestra / Image by Ronald Smith