“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man”
Charles Darwin


Nature is full of ressources. Challenging our way of making with rules. Ethical. Complex and Rich perspectives. Veganism is a way of seeing nature and a whole system of
elements. I’m not vegan. In my work, I’m trying to question how we make today as we always want to make more. Interrogating how we make nowadays is a key point in the
making process, how do we consume and what do we use. In this project the challenge is to use vegetal material natural elements from a production of one food source: the sunflower oil. Making with what is available, and challenging what a waste material can be in the design process. We are always looking for the new thing, the next innovation, but some of the
most inspiring materials are here since years. 

When I first came to visit Gegenbauer for the Passionswege 2015, I felt in a divine era of smells and discovered an immensely rich palette of materials. I have been intrigued by the
pellets, the leftover of the oils produced by Gegenbauer and the machine which extracts those materials by compressing and heating the seeds of the different plants. The Press Cake is one of the only machine on the site of the company but the rhythm created is intriguing and guide the material on an interesting shape.

The aim of ‘The Press Cake’ is to value the waste of the company, handcraft a series of objects made from the waste extractions of the machine and celebrate the beauty of the
traditional handcraft touch maintain in the company.

I have adapted the machine in order to create hundreds of straight sticks from sunflower seeds and poured them in a base to maintain all of them bonded together. Once the base of the tables was done, I have added on top and on the bottom part of the tables sunflower seeds to remind us where the waste material is from.

Marlene Huissoud - The Press Cake / Image by Yesenia Thibault Picazo

Marlene Huissoud - The Press Cake / Image by Yesenia Thibault Picazo