After 3 successful collaborations with poets in our previous exhibitions, we are delighted to collaborate with the rewarded Indian poet Yash Malviya on the 4th edition of La Terrasse

Yash Malviya, 55, is a modern Indian poet, who has been writing since past 40 years and has numerous collections to his credit. The genre in which he writes is known as 'Navgeet', loosely translated as New-Lyric poetry. The distinguishing mark of this tradition is the attempt to combine the discipline of meter and conventions used in lyric poetry with contemporary cultural and political concern. Yash's poetry is unique in contributing equally to the form as well as the content of contemporary Hindi poetry. Widely recognised as the best authority on 'Navgeet', Yash has also made significant contribution to satire and criticism. Heavily decorated with many awards, Yash remains one of the most published and widely read poets in India.


कौन लिख रहा है बादल पर 
आज हमारा नाम 
आसमान के छोर सजी है 
फिर सिन्दूरी शाम 

रंग और रेखाओं वाला 
सपना गाता है 
पास बैठकर जैसे कोई 
अपना गाता है 

नीले फूलों पर हँसता है 
पीला पीला घाम 

दूर कहीं पर कोई 
भूरी चिड़िया सजती है 
जलतरंग पर एक पुरानी 
धुन सी बजती है 

रह जाते हैं बहुत ज़रूरी 
कल परसों के काम 

नदी उतरती है पर्वत से 
घाटी खिलती है 
भूले हुए रास्तों से भी 
जाकर मिलती है 
लहर -लहर पर धीरे -धीरे 
बहता है आराम